Water on the Go

Water on the Go - Concept & Visualisation

01 Jul 2007
Concept packaging system for ‘on the go’ bottled water that reduces its environmental impact.

Over the past thirty years, the growth in the market for bottled water has grown from nothing, to massive proportions; the environmental impact of bottled water has become a significant issue. Boots set a brief to design a new packaging system for ‘on the go’ bottled water that reduces its environmental impact, considering energy use across the supply chain, design for recyclability and the ability to reuse / refill.

The proposed design aims to improve existing bottled water bottles in a number of ways. When packaging cylindrical bottles, a fair amount of empty space is packaged between them, whereas with triangular bottles, wasted space is kept to a minimum, and transportation costs could be reduced. Coloured lids contain different flavour tablets which flavour the water as it passes through the lid; each tablet lasts for more than one use, aiming to encourage the consumer to refill and reuse the bottle.

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